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Hotel de Art | Known for its Malaysia’s 1st Art-themed hotel, Hotel de Art has been known for their one-of-a-kind art on their walls, be it in the room or the building itself. Recently, our team managed to get an invitation for a one night stay at their new branch located at section 19, Shah Alam.

FULL VIDEO of our stay at Hotel de Art Section 19

3D Decoration outside Hotel de Art Section 19

The landmark for finding this Hotel de Art is a Shell pump station and 99 Speedmart market, roughly 10 minutes drive from KTM Shah Alam. Upon reaching the hotel, you may seen a huge 3D art at the back of the hotel, resemblance of a wallpaper being put up. Below it you would find a painting of an elderly watering the plant and a bench that you can sit and chill on. But, one thing I find it disturbing was, although there are a lot of parking provided in front of the market, guests tend to park in front of the painting, thus no pictures (of me) can be taken.

Wall paintings and doodles inside Hotel de Art Section 19

A glass door situated by the side, you’ll be mesmerized with the white walls covered with doodles of all sort of places and buildings. You might just be in Paris, London or maybe Egypt. Upon checking in, do ask for the condition of wifi and breakfast, as when our team checked-in, we didn’t get much info from the receptionist. Once reaching our room that we had realized that the wifi was on a ‘chipsmore’ moment. What a bummer.


3-storey high buildings were pack with decorations! You wouldn’t find any blank walls that aren’t covered with wallpapers or arts. Even the service lift was painted too, (well not really painted but more of a wallpapers of painting) Haha. We were placed on the top floor room number 205. The placements of lights in front of the lift was what caught our eyes once the lift door opened. A simple dim lights that just set you in the right mood.

Room 205 of Hotel de Art Section 19

“Tett”, sound of the door unlocking for us to come in. One king-sized bed really occupies the room, complete with a flat screen tv, telephone, wall art frame, a huge mirror above a working table maybe? and side bed lights that doesn’t even work. Kettle, coffee sachet and mugs for you to sip on while reading some good books.


The toilet is very clean and surprisingly huge and can accommodate three peoples at one time I guess. This call for some slumber party with your besties! But, do bring your own toiletries aka toothbrush and tooth paste.

Breakfast Room at Hotel de Art Section 19

While at their branch seksyen 7 they have Hailam Kopitiam for guests to have breakfast, but here they provide a small breakfast room to accommodate guests that stayed here. The room opens starting from 7.30 in the morning till 10.30 am, and your foods will be individually packed with your room number attached to it. Hot drinks are provided too. Let say, you’re not into their breakfast, you can go outside and walk to the nearest mamak stalls or you can find some delicious packed Nasi Lemak nearby.


Thank you Hotel de Art for the stay :)

Hotel de Art
No 2, Jalan Nelayan D/19D,
Section 19, 40030 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia
+603 5888 7090
For more information, click Hotel de Art

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