Friso Gold – Digestion key to building a child’s immunity

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Friso Gold | While many parents understands how nutritious food can help to keep their little ones strong inside and less prone to common ailments, some may have overlooked the importance of digestion in this aspect. Our digestive system is responsible for breaking food down so that our bodies can absorb its nutrients. As such, good digestion plays a key role in building a child’s natural resistance against illnesses.

However, not all nutritious food are created equal. Some are harder to digest due to overheating during processing. To ensure that children can easily digest food especialy milk and absorb the nutriets in it, Frido Gold has improved its formula with the latest LocNutri(TM) technology.


LocNutri(TM) is a manufacturing innovation that ensures the nutrient in milk is not overheated during processing. Thus, it is preserved in its natural, easily-digestible structures.


In a speech during the launch of the newly improved Friso Gold formulated milk powder, Saw Chooi Lee, Managing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia pointed out the company’s commitment in rolling out this new formulation with cutting-edge processing technology.

The nutrients in milk is crucial to a little one’s growth. Not only do they help to build muscles, skin, bones and tissues, it also works to enhance body resistance against illnesses. “We are committed to strengthen children from inside so that they can keep learning through experiences,” Chooi Lee empasized.


“Friso Gold’s LocNutri(TM) is a technology that uses mild heat treatment during milk processing. This preserves the native structure of the nutrient, which is easily digested and help children grow stronger from the inside,” she said.

According to consultant dietitian Indra Balaratnam, the level of heat used in food processing can affect digestibility. “Food cooked at the right temperature is easier to digest. This applies to formula milk too. Milk is typically processed with high heat, but this actually damages the original structure of the nutrient.

“Damaged nutrients are not easily absorbed by children’s intestines. Worse, it may lead to indigestions and stomach discomfort, such as colic, constipation or hard stools,” explained Balaratnam.

She added that children with digestion problems also tend to be asily agitated, disinterested in playing, and lack of appetite. They may cry constantly due to the discomfort and may not learn or interact well.

Liyana Jasmay, actress, singer and a mother, is well-aware of the physical and mental woes that children’s indigestion can cause. Hence, she does her best to help her 2-year-old daughter, Sofia Arissa, avoid such affliction.


“Sofia is in age that is most important for learning, and I wan to help her make the most of everyday by exploring new possibilities while having fun. This would not be possible if she is suffeing from indigestion. How can a kid focus on playing, interacting or learning when their stomachs are hurting? This is why I try to ensure that my kid’s digestive system is in tip-top condition,” she said.

One of the ways Liyana improves Sofia’s digestion is by preparing meals that are fresh and rich with fiber, a well as encouraging the child to drink lots of fluids. The conscientious mother also swears by feeding her little one Friso Gold milk.

Wayne Chua, a familiar face in local Chinese TV dramas also pay attention to her 4-year-old daughter’s digestive health. With her busy acting career, Wayne ensures she monitors Celestia’s diet and appetite daily to ensure she is eating nutritionally and digesting well.

“I’m glad that Celestia shows no sign of indigestion – none of the stomach episodes or constipation that some of my friends are struggling with. She has a good appetite every day and enjoys eating fruits and vegetables. She particularly enjoys pre-school and days when I am off work to spend time with her. In general, she is cheerful kid growing and learning through her daily experiences!” she pointed out.

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